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Gifts under $30 for baking moms

Baking gifts under $30

Do you have or know a mom who loves to bake? Here are a few favorite, reasonably priced products - perfect gifts for that special baker in your life. We use all of these regularly in our kitchen and recommend them.


Scale that includes grams measurements

baking scale

 Every baker needs a good scale. To achieve consistent results, we always measure our ingredients in grams and try to include them in our blog recipes. Look for a wide surface area and a display that's easy to read when you have a bowl or container on it. And learn how to use the tare function so you can remove the weight of the bowl or cup your ingredients are in. We have a Taylor glass top scale that is easy to use and easy to clean. Here is a similar scale on Amazon.

Silicone Measuring Cups

iSi silicone measuring cups set

 We've been using these iSi cups for about 12 years, and the white is now yellowed, but we still love this set! We don't typically measure in them, but they're ideal for weighing ingredients, whisking dry ingredients together and adding ingredients to the mixer's bowl. We usually use the 4 cup size for dry ingredients. Best of all, they're pinchable, so you can do a clean pour into your mixer bowl. Can't do that with standard measuring cups! Buying link for this  iSi set  .


teal colored spoon spatula

 This is a real workhorse in our kitchen! It does a good job of scraping sticky ingredients off your mixer's bowl, and so much more. We have a couple in the kitchen and have gifted this model to friends and family. Link to StarPack spoonula on Amazon.

Ball whisk

ball whisk

We love this style of whisk for mixing dry ingredients. It gets into your bowl's (or silicone measuring cups') edges. And it's easier to store in a drawer. Use a regular balloon whisk for tasks where you need to add air into your mixture. You can pick up a nice stainless steel one like this one here.

Adjustable plunger measuring cup

Plunger style adjustable measuring cup

 Ours is a long-ago purchase from Pampered Chef, but OXO makes a good one available now. The plunger function is what makes this great. It allows you to measure and easily release ingredients like peanut butter, sour cream and ricotta cheese with ease. Here's a link to the OXO model.

SideSwipe beater 

 all our favorites

 We couldn't skip SideSwipe! We have beater models to fit most KitchenAid stand mixer home models, from 4.5 - 7 quart sizes. If you're not sure which size you need, use our model finder. If you're buying this as a gift and don't want to ask the recipient, send a gift card (available in shopping cart).



 NOTE:  If you purchase these products using our Amazon links, we may receive a small referral fee.