Riverside view of downtown Columbus Ohio USA at sunsetRiverside view of downtown Columbus Ohio USA at sunset

Midwestern Roots

a small business story
How it all started

SideSwipe was developed by a Columbus, Ohio engineer after watching his wife bake cookies. He saw her stop her expensive stand mixer several times to scrape the bowl and asked why. She said, "I have no idea. The ingredients build up on the bowl. That's how Martha Stewart does it."

He immediately saw the limitations of KitchenAid's flat beater, and knew he could improve the mixer's performance. He wanted not only to reduce the need to stop and scrape, but also to introduce a folding motion that would fully and quickly incorporate ingredients.

The concept for SideSwipe was born in 2005, and after development, prototyping and testing, our beater was launched in 2007. It was the first EVER flexible fin beater - and it still works in a way no other beater does.

SideSwipe has utility (functional) patents in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe.

Who we are

We're a family that is passionate about cooking, baking and creating together. A family that believes food, friends and family are central to a happy life.

We look at our business as a way to help make your life sweeter and to help you achieve a result you're proud to share.

Since 2007, we have continued to improve SideSwipe. It's our only product and our main focus. Please join our family and learn, bake, and be inspired.

Meet Lou, our founder

SideSwipe's inventor, Lou, can't sit still. He's always fixing, chopping, rearranging and making. His mind is always in motion, too, examining everything and seeking solutions to everyday problems. He begins conversations in the middle of his thought process, so it sometimes takes a while for you to catch up. But we just assume that's the price you pay for living with an innovator. We cut him some slack because he's excellent at fixing stuff.

Lou has 26 patents relating to small and smallish appliances. He's spent a LOT of time thinking about coffee and water. SideSwipe is the first product he's developed on his own.  He has plans for more.

Image of SideSwipe founder, Lou