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Frugal Fridays - Money Saving Tips for Bakers

Frugal Fridays - Money Saving Tips for Bakers

We don't care that they say inflation is only eight percent. We know the prices for food, gas and utilities are a lot higher. Butter, eggs and cream cheese are double what they cost pre-pandemic. Flour, sugar, milk and chocolate have also gone up. So what's a baker to do?

We decided to do some research and begin a new feature we're calling Frugal Fridays. We'll share tips for substituting ingredients (using cheaper ones or what you have on hand). We'll give you the confidence to know what's safe to use after the sell-by date and what you really should replace.

And what about kitchen tools? Should be pitch that cracked spatula? Do you really need that new, single use gadget or pan? Is a silicone mat better than parchment paper? Can you bake in a small appliance so you don't need to heat up your whole oven?

And your biggest investment at all - your KitchenAid stand mixer. We'll show you how to properly maintain your mixer. We'll even teach you how to make simple repairs yourself. Plus, if you're thinking about replacing your stand mixer because it's looking grungy, we'll walk you through the steps for re-painting your KitchenAid Artisan or other tilt-head for a fraction of what a new mixer costs.

So please stop back every week to find money-saving tips that will make baking season a little more carefree. You'll find our posts and videos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.