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SideSwipe business to close in August

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After 16 years, we are closing our mixer blade business and retiring. We are so grateful for your support and encouragement through the years.

Our journey was by turns exciting and frustrating, but we learned a lot and connected with so many nice bakers. The idea for SideSwipe was born in 2005 when my husband watched me stop and scrape my mixer bowl. After development, prototyping, testing, production, legal adventures and an Oprah new product competition, we launched SideSwipe in 2008. It was the first flexible scraping beater on the market and our small, entirely family-run business got lots of publicity and love. There are a lot of scraping beaters on the market now. Thank you for choosing ours.

We will continue to sell our remaining KLN and KLN-F inventory until the store closes in mid-August.

On July 12, we will hold a special sale of out-of-stock models including KTH (tilt-head) and KLW (5.5-6-7 qt. lift) models. Small quantities of first quality warranty stock, manufacturing samples, cosmetically imperfect production "seconds" and a handful of lightly used SideSwipes will be included. We will initially limit the number of beaters per order so people who have been waiting can have an opportunity to purchase. 

We had hoped to offer one final production run of beaters before we retired, but ongoing problems with our factory and business agent made that impossible. We're sorry so many of you were waiting and won't end up getting a SideSwipe.

Some of you have asked whether another business will produce SideSwipes in the future. We have made no arrangements at this time, but will notify you if that changes. Our website and email will operate for a few months after we close the store.

Please check your email and our website in early July for sale and other details.