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Temporary Shutdown and restock update

Temporary Shutdown and restock update

Hello friends!

We are shutting down until June 5 for some much needed rest. We will be back to work on June 5. You won't be able to place an order for our remaining stock of KTH-2 red, KLN-1 and -1R and KLN-1F and -1FR until June 5.

We will check email every few days, but will be technology-free most of the time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We promise to address your concerns as soon as we can. We are no longer selling on Amazon because of many problems with their business practices.

New SideSwipe production

SideSwipe is continuing to experience factory delays for our restocking order, and it will likely to be early fall before we have SideSwipes for 5.5-7 quart mixers and tilt-heads. We appreciate all of you who have signed up for our email list. We hope to have more information shortly.

Our new SideSwipes will be a new, more versatile color and come in more eco-friendly packaging. More on that this summer!

We are so grateful to all the bakers who have purchased SideSwipes for themselves and others and continue to support our small family business. We've had a rough few years and feel so blessed to have been "rediscovered" after 15 years of making SideSwipes. Thank you!!