4.5-5 QUART Standard Bowl

SideSwipe Model KLN series

KA MODELS include: K4SS; K5(A); K5SS; KG25G7X; KG25H0X; KG25H3X; KP50PS; KSM450; KSM455; KSM5; KSM50HDP; KSM500, KM25 and KSMC50; KSM6521X & KSM675, Heavy Duty, Pro 500. Fits most older models, too, including same size Hobart.

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5.5-7 QUART Standard Bowl

SideSwipe Model KLW series

FITS  5.5-, 5-Plus, MOST 6-quart and 7-quart wide Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers. Does NOT fit 6-quart mixer with flared bowl or glass flared bowl. 

KA MODELS include: KD2661, KL26M, KP26M1, KP26M8, KP26M9, KP26N9, KV25G, KV25M

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6-QUART Flared/Tulip or Glass Bowl

SideSwipe Model KLN F series

FITS 6 quart mixers with flared or glass bowl.

MODELS include KSM6573, KF26M22, KSM6521, and models with a beater that looks the one pictured above and is labeled F.

​Does NOT fit mixers with traditionally sized 6 quart bowls. This is a newer 6 quart size, introduced around 2014. This beater must also be used for glass bowls attached to standard/wide 6 quart styles.

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